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Claim your Wealth Identity with these Codes


“I shouldn’t be too successful because it’s not spiritual to care about money”
“I shouldn’t desire too much because it’s not spiritual”
“You should be content with what you have”
“As a woman you shouldn’t be very wealthy because that will be repelling to men”

Do you desire immense Wealth in your Life?

Our beliefs determine our reality.

As we do the inner work, we train ourselves to continuously recognize the ways we constantly create our lives.

Trust the desires of your Heart to lead you.

Tune in to this episode and let me share with you the specific codes that help me reach the next level of wealth.

In this episode I cover:

  • Wealth Identity habits (0:18)
  • First Code: Wealth doesn’t have to do with how much money you have (0:33)
  • Second Code: Money beliefs (2:26)
  • Third Code: Connect with the desires of your Heart (4:33)
  • Fourth Code: When the Universe sees that I’m taking the steps in the direction of my Supreme Destiny, the Universe will back and support me (5:47)
  • Fifth Code: Price can never stop my desires (7:05)
  • Sixth Code: Give before you have, and keep giving when you have (7:52)
  • My new Program: Embodied Wealth (9:23)

Link to Embodied Wealth Program:

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