Podcast episode

Devotion in Love


What does it take to build a relationship that works, that is filled with juicy passion and that ultimately serves Love and the evolution of humankind? 

The protective shell around your heart cracks…

The egoic wounded tendencies fall away…

Your heart is changed forever.

You have come to a place of wholeness within – the Sacred Union.

All… through the portal of Devotion.

Dive deeper with me in this episode and discover ways to stabilise in Sacred Union, first within yourself and then with a partner.

In this episode I cover:

00:01 – Finding ourselves through being with another
01:17 – Sharing the most popular questions about relationships
03:20 – Creating the relationship beyond my wildest dreams
06:20 – True Love
09:15 – Anchoring into Self-worth
10:30 – Radical honesty
12:05 – Together to create or to heal?
16:55 – Attracting and maintaining a high caliber relationship
17:50 – Choosing Love above all
19:45 – Remembering you are the Divine
20:30 – The price of True Love: vulnerability
21:41 – Your partner is not a mistake
23:14 – Dropping into the Sacred Union inside yourself
25:37 – Remembrance
28:40 – Stabilising in Sacred Union
31:00 – Cultivating passion and juiciness
34:30 – Serving the evolution of Humankind

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