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How to find God through Sex


Welcome to Episode 3!

We are going to talk about how to find God through sex.

I will share about a very powerful ancient spiritual tradition that affirms that this is possible. I will speak about my experience of that and also about specific ways on how any person or any couple can achieve that.

This episode is sponsored by my online course called Limitless Love. It is built for people who want to experience love beyond the ordinary, who want to experience sex beyond the ordinary, and who really want to be in a relationship as an agent of each other’s transformation. For more info about my online course Limitless Love please check the episode resources further below.

In this episode I cover:

  • Limitless Love Online Course (0:30)
  • What is Tantra (1:15)
  • Sex equals humanity (4:20)
  • How can we recognise divinity through sex (5:42)
  • What is eroticism (6:33)
  • How can we practice tantra in a relationship (7:01)
  • All of your life has to be dedicated on to revealing truth (9:11)
  • Dedicate your relationship to God (12:10)
  • A clear field in relationship (12:35)
  • You should have no secrets from each other (16:34)
  • The unsaid things we keep (17:29)
  • The art of polarity (19:00)
  • The feminine energy (20:40)
  • The masculine energy (21:37)
  • The three stages of relationships (24:10)
  • Choose to cultivate your chosen polarity (32:10)
  • When the polarities come together… (36:40)
  • The way we are practicing polarity in our relationship (37:40)
  • Let’s wrap it up (44:11)
  • Divinity is so natural (44:49)

Episode resources: 

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