In Service To Love

Training for Soul-Centered Leadership

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Live 18 day training for people who were born to lead

September 7th - 24th

What would happen if you put Love at the center of your Life and Work?



Each of us was born with a Gift that is at the very core of who we are. It must unfold into a Vision or our Souls are destined to feel trapped. Once you tap into that Vision, you can’t help but yearn to figure out how to let that Vision land and take shape.


This Training is a fit for:
Visionaries, conscious creators, entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches, artists, healers, teachers and people who have a lot of love to give.

A powerful Leader is not necessarily someone who has attained perfection and mastered many skills, but rather someone who has learnt how to navigate their personal stuff, get out of their own way and let the Divine lead.

Regardless of your wealth of experience and expertise this Training will help you come to a whole new level of Leadership.

✧ Do you want to dissolve obstacles to fully embodying your role as a soul-centered Leader?

✧ Are you ready to cast aside doubts, fear of judgement, comparison, competition, self criticism, scarcity mentality, childhood wounds and ancestral patterns?

✧ Are you willing to take your space and Lead yourself and others with love, confidence and your unique charisma?

✧ Are your yearning to remember why you came here and let the Calling of your Soul be the guiding force of your Life?

Then join me on this deeply enriching course that has been fully created in Service to Love.

We welcome you!

"The world is calling out for authentic people, bold enough to stand in their brightness. It needs powerful heart-centered people to stand up, shine, and share what they know to be true."
~ Sofia Sundari

Course Agenda

*subject to change

Course schedule

Day 1: Tuesday, September 7th @ 12 noon CEST (6pm HKT / 8pm AEST)

Day 2: Wednesday, September 8th @ 12 noon CEST (6pm HKT / 8pm AEST)

Day 3: Friday, September 10th @ 7pm CEST (10am PST / 1pm EST)

Day 4: Monday, September 13th @ 12 noon CEST (6pm HKT / 8pm AEST)

Day 5: Tuesday, September 14th @ 6pm CEST (9am PST / 12am noon EST)

Day 6: Thursday, September 16th @ 12 noon CEST (6pm HKT / 8pm AEST)

Day 7: Friday, September 17th @ 7pm CEST  (10am PST / 1pm EST)

Day 8: Monday, September 20th @ 12 noon CEST (6pm HKT / 8pm AEST)

Day 9: Wednesday, September 22nd @ 8:30pm CEST (11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST)

Day 10: Thursday, September 23rd @ 1pm CEST (7pm HKT / 9pm AEST)

Day 11: Friday, September 24th @ 7pm CEST (10am PST / 1pm EST)

Bonus Clearing the Inner Flute: Tuesday, September 21st @ 12 noon CEST (6pm HKT / 8pm AEST)

Bonus Q&A call: Wednesday, September 29th @ 12 noon CEST (6pm HKT / 8pm AEST)

And I'm Also Giving You FREE Bonuses...



  • Q&A and group mentoring call (Value: 555 USD)
  • Tantric practice of clearing your inner flute (Value: 555 USD)
  • Emotional Purification Course (Value: 2,444 USD)
  • Weekly peer support calls (Value: 650 USD)
  • Three months access to all course material
  • Three months access to the Sundari Love Academy – an extraordinary community of people (includes monthly Community mentoring and Q&A calls and practice sessions with me) (Priced: 231 USD, Value: 1,965USD)



The total value of In Service to Love and all the included bonuses is priceless because it will open the door to your Dharma – the Supreme Purpose of your Incarnation – your Soul Calling. I cannot think of anything more important than that in Life.

These teachings are a result of 9 years of my Leadership and 6 years of running a multiple six figure business, the mission of which is to serve Love on this planet.

With over 25 hours that we will spend together during 18 days + the $6,169 worth of bonuses the total value can be estimated at $31,169.

This is a complete Training that not only will give you tremendous confidence in your Leadership, but also will teach you how to “translate” your Gift so it can be received by those you are meant to touch and make money doing what you love.

I reveal some of the most fundamental teachings that have supported me and my students on the path of Awakened Leadership – Leadership of Love.

Your Facilitator


I am a transformational leader with a focus on spirituality, relationships and sexuality.

Since 2012 I’ve held over 100 transformational events worldwide, written a bestselling book and created five online courses all on the subject of empowered living. I am the founder of Sundari Mystery Trainings and the Priestess School, as well as the host of Boundless Love podcast.

Thousands of people from over 80 countries have been a part of my programs. They claim that my work has transformed their lives and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.

Russian born, I now live in Portugal.

Align with the song of your Heart and translate it for others to hear.

About Sofia and Her Work

Giovanella, Italy

There were intense shifts and transformations

Coming into the leadership training allows you to integrate and have self-worth and understand what it means to bring your work out to humanity... there were intense shifts and transformations that took place during the training

Katia, the Netherlands

You know you’re no longer on your own

I’ve learnt that there’s always a greater life force behind you, and if you know how you can be the instrument, then it’s just gorgeous. You know you’re no longer on your own.

Marc Steinberg, Germany

Especially valuable is her ability to keep the space free from preconceived ideas

Sofia’s work, her being and maturity create a loving and powerful space in which deep healing, transformational shifts and heart expansion can happen. What I found especially valuable is her ability to keep this space free from preconceived ideas, concepts and ideology. Her focus is on what is right now and right here, and of course on what can be opened up.

Jan Callewaert, Belgium

Helps your true self shine

Sofia is someone who understands what it means to truly look inside yourself, without judgment and rise above any obstacles keeping you from being your true self. Sofia and the tantric lifestyle lets you love yourself without expectations and helps your true self shine bright so you can stand in the moment with confidence and an open heart.

Carolyne De Luca Duarte, Belgium

It empowers you to release any blockages

Working with Sofia allows you to drop any trauma, past bad experience, guilt, shame, hate, fear and/or hurt all by yourself! It empowers you to release any blockages, any pressure from the outside to make sure you live your life with respect, truth and abundance every single day.

Alin James, Ukraine

One of the best decisions I have made in my life

Working with Sofia was one of the best decisions I have made in my life as I found the answer to my question on why I am stuck and what is holding me back. Now I have better and clear vision of my path and I'm more determined to follow my soul desire. For that, I am always grateful to Sofia for creating and holding space!


This is how it should be…

I took this course as a spontaneous last minute decision and what a ride it’s been for me since. I remember the discovery of each concept and how it blew my mind with excitement, with resonance, with freshness, with some kind of certainty that THIS is how it should be… There’s a lot of stuff out there online, but this course really makes you feel safe…


The safest container is created for you to thrive

The safest container is created for you to thrive and grow into who you are and how you relate to others from the heart. If you want to gift yourself this beautiful experience, you should know that it will change your life in the best way ever!

Glenna Neece

Sofia is a gifted leader, embodying what she teaches.

I deeply appreciate the transmission of lineages that I have received from her, and I highly recommend her trainings if you feel called to explore the depths of your femininity, sexuality, shadow, and humanity. Working closely with Sofia for the past two years has served as a potent space to drop into the powers of alchemical transformation. Sofia shows up with a depth and authenticity that is palpable, and from the very first ritual I knew I had found a teacher that resonated with my Heart. I am grateful to Sofia for showing up fully, in all of her beauty, wildness, wisdom, and humanity, for in this connection with a true sister I have felt more courageous to reclaim my Self and share my gifts with the world. Thank you Sofia, I love you!

Price & Payment

In Service To Love
  • 25+ hours of live transmissions and practices with me
  • Bonus: Q&A and group mentoring call with me
  • Bonus: Clearing your Inner Flute practice
  • Bonus: Emotional Mastery Course
  • 3 months access to all course material
  • 3 months membership in an online community of powerful people from all over the planet
  • Peer support calls (see those as heart-centered mastermind calls!)
Launch celebration price:
Or 6 Monthly installments of
Cancellation policy

There will be no refunds offered and no cancellation of this program. For details please read our Cancellation Policy.

Any questions?
Don’t hesitate to send us an email here.

What Happens after you Join?

As soon as you’ve signed up, you will receive your login information to join the course portal and Sundari Love Academy, where you will connect with the gorgeous community of In Service to Love participants. Community is an incredible bonus to the course, you don’t have to do it all on your own anymore!

Then, on the 7th of September we will begin with the New Moon Ceremony and set up for a powerful experience for the following 3  weeks (and the rest of your life!).

You’ll be surrounded and supported by incredible men and women on this journey with you, letting go of old ways of being that no longer work and aligning with your True Soul Calling – your Dharma.
In total, you’ll get access to over 25 hours of live transmissions and video trainings with me.

It all will be delivered to you one by one, so you can integrate and practice everything with space and ease. You will have access to all course material for 3 months, this gives you plenty of time to catch up on anything you may have missed, and yet keep you on track and make sure you don’t postpone your empowerment and the date with your Dharma.

To get the most of the course you will be invited to commit to regular practice.
Some of it will be through pre-recorded practice – other parts will require creativity from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d love to join but the price is way out of my range

Check out our payment plan options. If you feel that you cannot wait to make this shift in your life and that this work is exactly what you need - we trust that you will find a way to join. If that’s not you right now - it’s totally fine.

Is this a course about learning leadership skills?

This course is about discovering your own voice and expression so that your leadership style can feel genuine and come from the depth of your heart, ready to be translated for others to hear.

Does this course teach you how to start your own business?

It teaches you how to be so authentic that you won't need to follow any strategy that doesn't feel right. By doing this, you can allow your own style to lead the way. It will certainly give you an empowerment and support you in coming to the place of knowing exactly which actions you need to take to either take your work to next level or to start a business.

I’m not sure I am ready for this work

There is always a way to develop and grow. In fact if we don’t grow, we degrade. If you want to take your leadership experience from good to great - this course will help you find your authentic path so you can feel you are embodying your own leading role in the evolution of humankind at every single moment.

I feel I still have so much work to do before being worthy of embodying my Inner Leader

These are limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your full potential. If you choose to do this program, you will shed these beliefs.

I am shy and nervous about being seen in my vulnerability while taking this course

My containers are known for being very strong. If you choose to be open to being held - you will be held by the container and by the powerful field of people who see each other as soul family. But it is also entirely up to you how much of your process you are willing to share with others.

Is this course live or recorded?

This course will be live. I'll be guiding you through a total of 25+ hours of live transmissions and practices.

Do you offer refunds? What if I don't like the course or I realize I can't commit after purchasing?

This course is a unique and special opportunity and there will be no refunds or cancellations available.

Will there be call replays?

You will have access to all material for 3 months after the end of the Program via Sundari Love Academy.

Is it possible to pay via bank transfer or PayPal?

Yes please send us an email to and we will offer you the instructions for alternative payment methods.

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