Sofia Sundari is an international tantra teacher. As a writer, a coach, and a facilitator of courses on mystical femininity and tantric & taoist sexuality, Sofia empowers people to expand into their natural erotic freedom as a portal to align with the divine.

Welcome beloved.

I’m Sofia Sundari and I am here to help you remember the beauty, power and innocence of your erotic nature. I am here to serve love, I am here to serve truth. I am here to bring everything I touch back to its true nature – pure love.

I offer a space for you in which your darkness stops being shameful, and instead nourishes your light, where spirituality and sexuality are one.

My gifts to you for your liberation.

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What makes unavailable people so attractive?

Many of us experienced falling in love with a pop star or someone famous when we were younger. Many are mysteriously drawn to those men or women who are married. Sometimes we fall in love with a person who for some specific reasons is not available to be there for us...

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11 steps to overcome male sexual challenges

Many men have experienced one of these symptoms or all of them: Challenges with getting or sustaining an erection, Experiencing an erection only when you are in the active role, Inability to ejaculate, Premature ejaculation. If any of these cases apply to you, it...

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Withdrawal/Neediness – the deadly duo

Some situations seem so complicated, it feels like there is no way out. Let’s say you are madly in love with someone, but they just don’t respond to you the same way... Or - you enjoy spending time with a person, but they demand a lot of attention from you, more than...

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Sometimes (many times) I really don’t agree with you, world

Sometimes (many times) I really don’t agree with you, world. Sometimes (many times) I feel completely isolated, and I wonder if kids at school were right when they said that I must be of another world. Sometimes I feel completely hopeless, I feel we have failed as...

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Love your darkness

Let me tell you something: YOU ARE NOT ALL LOVE AND LIGHT. You have a dark side. Without it you simply would not be a human. At first you may resist accepting your darkness, but once you are able to be with it... Your eyes will hurt because of all the light that pours...

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Alone / Together

ALONE / TOGETHER I love my aloneness. I love switching off my phone and lying down on the grass in the woods. This is the time for my .being. and nothing else. ALONE / TOGETHER It’s you... You are under my skin, I feel you in my pulse, in my bloodstream, in my bones....

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