Sofia Sundari is an international tantra teacher. As a writer, a coach, and a facilitator of courses on mystical femininity and tantric & taoist sexuality, Sofia empowers people to expand into their natural erotic freedom as a portal to align with the divine.

Welcome beloved.

I’m Sofia Sundari and I am here to help you remember the beauty, power and innocence of your erotic nature. I am here to serve love, I am here to serve truth. I am here to bring everything I touch back to its true nature – pure love.

I offer a space for you in which your darkness stops being shameful, and instead nourishes your light, where spirituality and sexuality are one.

My gifts to you for your liberation.

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Forever romantic

I have a confession to make. I don’t think I can ever stop being a romantic. I fall in love so hard. I’ve actually hurt myself because of that. In the past I used to derail completely for a phase, and made some awkward choices. At times I’ve questioned my sanity and...

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Do you want to be a leader?

Think twice. Many people want to become a leader, to serve in the world and guide people back home... but are you ready for the package that comes with it? Here are some of the challenges encountered by leaders: 1. PROJECTIONS Since you are so visible and always at...

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To the masculine

I want to ask you for forgiveness. I am sorry for all the times when I could not see you... I am sorry for all the times when I was too blind to be able to receive your love... I am sorry for all the times when I tried to change you, when I tried to make you...

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This is such an edgy subject for many people. Some feel completely lost and have no idea how to make money. Others are trying all sorts of manifestation practices, that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Some people work really hard with no rest, and don’t even have...

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How to become a better lover?

Many people want to become better lovers. I remember how in my late teens I was googling things like: “how to have orgasms during sex”, and “how to give the best blowjob”. I thought these were the keys to being an amazing lover. What I came to realise is that the...

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Trust is the greatest power that we have

Real trust is about opening to life. It’s about loving life. It's about jumping without a safety net. Remembering the deep meaning of this life. Even when I feel like I am burning from the inside, I trust.  I trust that all is guided by the Great One. I offer my...

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