Sofia Sundari is an international tantra teacher. As a writer, a coach, and a facilitator of courses on mystical femininity and tantric & taoist sexuality, Sofia empowers people to expand into their natural erotic freedom as a portal to align with the divine.

Welcome beloved.

I’m Sofia Sundari and I am here to help you remember the beauty, power and innocence of your erotic nature. I am here to serve love, I am here to serve truth. I am here to bring everything I touch back to its true nature – pure love.

I offer a space for you in which your darkness stops being shameful, and instead nourishes your light, where spirituality and sexuality are one.

Private Tantra Sessions and Retreats are upcoming in Bali, Ibiza & Costa Rica.

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The Priestess School offers an intensive training. The course is packed with various feminine tantric, sexual and shamanic practices all aimed at empowering you to be the incredible woman that you are.

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Discover the Power of Yoni Egg training and Awaken Your Erotic Nature and Orgasmic Aliveness.

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My gifts to you for your liberation.

Journey into Your Erotic Expression …

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Protected: Who do I love: the human or the Soul?

Who do we actually love? Can we love the human? Or are we too busy being fascinated by the Soul, the higher Self, the Archetype? Where is the borderline between dream and reality? Is there a borderline? Do they ever meet? Are they ever separate? I have a gift for...

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Ending my seduction games

A few months ago I started something that I call a Relationships Fast. It’s been a very insightful time. It is incredible to zoom in specifically on seduction. So much of our lives revolves around seduction. And I want to share four of my findings with you because I...

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Honoring the warrior

Women have a very sacred place within them. It’s called the womb. Simply physiologically speaking, it is a pretty incredible place. Think about it: a woman can receive a seed and convert it into a human. A woman can receive a soul and convert it into a human. That’s...

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How can you introduce your partner to tantra?

I know how common it is in couples: one partner gets very excited about something and wants to bring something fresh into the relationship, and the other partner is… well, resisting. And if you have ever felt into Tantra, if you have become intrigued by it, if you...

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She shows up when you least expect her, She doesn’t bother knocking on the door, She walks in with her boots on, She pours herself a glass of your best wine, She sits in your favorite armchair, And she lights a cigarette in your non-smoking house. She couldn't care...

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VLOG: How can we *Show Up* in a relationship?

In my heart of hearts I know that we all want to live fully. We all want to offer ourselves to life fully. We all want to see each other stepping into our full potential. Right? No one consciously chooses to play small and...

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