March 13, 2016

The Wild Woman is the raw and free woman that lives within each woman.

No matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, black or white, small or large, rich or poor, whether you are a rebel or a proper lady, a lawyer or a hippie – the Wild Woman belongs to you.

But for many she is hidden, lost or long forgotten.

We live in a domesticated society where we are taught to play by the rules, be ‘nice’, mind our manners, and accept what we are given. To not shine too bright, or speak too loud.

The Wild Woman is the one who is ready to break free from limitations. Who is not interested in being “nice” because this is what is expected of her.

And yet, she has a massive heart.

And she can be nice. But her nice is a different kind of nice.

Her kind of nice is the one that’s deeply rooted in her being, that comes from freedom, that comes from love.

The Wild Woman is the incarnation of the divine mother. She is the foundation of the whole creation.

In reclaiming her we enter into our power. We embrace the wild untamed woman within us. We go beyond our fear. We learn to love her, welcome her, celebrate her…

When we come in contact with our inner Wild Woman, we shed any false masks we have been wearing. We connect with powerful instinct and knowing.

Sometimes we may fear that by unleashing the Wild Woman we are going to lose control and lose our mind… But I have to assure you that we are a lot more likely to lose our mind if we carry on pretending that the Wild Woman doesn’t exist within us.

And yes, in embracing her we are becoming independent, clear and powerful. And yes, it may sound scary. And yes, it is a threat to those who want to keep us small and tamed.
But in fact…. Without the Wild Woman we die. And she dies without us.

To find the Wild Woman we have to return to our instinctive lives, our deepest knowing.

Let’s remember ourselves back to the Wild Woman soul.

Let’s shed any false masks we have been given.

Let’s reawaken to the wisdom that’s within our bones.

She is right here. And she cannot wait.

Photo by @deanraphael

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