January 16, 2021

A true sign of immature masculine (in men and women) is criticising a woman’s beauty and comparing women based on their looks. ⠀

❌ Telling a woman that she needs to go to the gym⠀
❌ Telling a woman that she looks like another woman ⠀
❌ Telling a woman that she looks tired⠀
❌ Telling a woman that it would be good for her to get breast implants⠀

❌ Anything else that is not honouring her beauty the way it is right now.⠀

There are not many things that are worse than that for the Feminine. There is no woman who at some point of her life was not in a way or another concerned about her looks. There is no woman who has never compared herself to a standard of beauty that is dictated by the magazine covers and media. Comparison is toxic to the feminine. Above all – this is not what will contribute to the manifestation of the Divine Feminine on our Planet – the women’s true beauty.⠀

The Feminine grows through appreciation. ⠀

If you cannot see her beauty it is either because you don’t have the eye to see or because she has forgotten her pleasure (and if you are in a relationship with her, it is your responsibility as much as it is hers). ⠀

A woman’s beauty is proportionate to her pleasure. If she has a lot of pleasure in her life she will ALWAYS be beautiful, regardless of her age.⠀

Young women will likely have the youthful cuteness to them, but this cuteness does not last. If they don’t develop depth of their hearts this cuteness will not be the transmitter of true Beauty. ⠀

I remember my own cuteness in my early 20s, as I was showing off my body in all inappropriate situations, thinking that I owned the world. Looking back at that version of me I am amazed at how naive I was! Thinking that my looks were defining me and making me better than others. There was no depth that I could rest on and gain my confidence from. So my way to get reassurance of my worth from the world was through my looks. ⠀

This unconscious pattern is very common for young women, brainwashed by the masculinised world and standards of beauty.⠀

As we mature spiritually this changes. ⠀

We develop a beauty that is unshakable because this is the beauty of God shining through.

Such is the nature of a Woman.

She is here to bless the world with her Radiance.

This radiance is nothing but the light of the Divinity.

Train your eyes not to get blinded by it but to see clearly beyond illusion. And rest in reverence.

State of devotion and reverence is the best possible use of anybody’s life.

Art by @thetogfather

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