July 6, 2019

Who doesn’t love the natural high we get when we fall in love…? However here is something you need to know: the really intense relationships, with passionate feelings and regular major pushes and pulls and ups and downs usually have a karmic nature.
What is karma?
The word karma means action (Hindu).  It is used to refer to the cycle of cause and effect. According to   the theory of karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions.
What is a karmic relationship?
It is a relationship that from the very beginning feels very familiar. Much like coming home. And it very well may be that in another life your two souls made an agreement to find each other again, possibly for a certain purpose, like making a child.
Now, I am not an advocate of getting too involved in trying to figure out what happened in your past lives. There is no need to get into the story. But there is stuff that happened long before that is impacting us today. It may be limiting your true expression. And you may want to look at it and move it.
Sometimes the pull you feel towards someone might feel so overpowering, so intense, it may feel like you can’t help it. Even if things are terrible and actually abusive between the two of you, you are still compelled to stay…
I won’t call it a toxic relationship. Because I believe that the only toxic relationship you can ever have is the one with yourself.
We are the creators of our destiny. We have access to our free will at all times. If only we dare to look deeply enough.
If something is happening, something in you wants to experience it, and it very well may be powered by a cord you have from ancient times.
Karmic relationships are not necessarily bad, but their purpose is to complete something rather than start something new. If you stay in this karmic entanglement, it is likely to drain you and suck out your life force.
The major disturbing thing about karmic relationships is that they do not come from free will. They are not a product of your choice, but rather of your unconscious pull.
So here’s some good news: you can change contracts. You can resolve karmas. And you can enter into new relationships that are deep, nourishing and overall make you more open, more joyful and more powerful.
It may even be a new relationship with the same person!
That’s a very good way to assess your relationship: over the time that you are together with your partner, do you feel generally more energy, more love, more like yourself…  or not?
Ok, so you suspect that you are currently in a karmic relationship or that you keep attracting these kinds of relationships, WHAT TO DO?
It may surprise you, but in my view the answer is not “quit immediately”.
My answer is to turn inwards. Do work on opening to your inner knowing, learn how to make your energy flow, how to make your fire burn on the inside, so everything that is not serving you can be alchemised and transformed into love.
It really works that way. You don’t need years of psychotherapy. You just need to turn inwards, release stuck energy and start listening, deeply.
My upcoming training “Divine Eros” might be the right place for you to do that. Although the title of the training may sound intimidating, it is really about uncovering our innate true Divinity, our innate true Knowing through the most reliable portal – which is our body itself.
If you are ready to move to a new level of connection with yourself, your inner voice, if you are ready to let go of bullshit that is keeping you small and if you are ready to ignite some big fire of truth inside your heart – I’d love to have you on board at the Serpent Mystery School.

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