March 7, 2015

In the modern world most women are to one degree or another disconnected from our body, our femininity, our sexuality and our hearts.

The most tricky part here is of course sexuality.

Sex has an enormous power.
And that’s why no one is neutral about sex. Everyone has strong opinions and beliefs. It is part of our culture.

Our culture is confused about sexuality. And obsessed with it big time.

There is a lot of shame around this subject.

Even now, reading it, I am sure that many people are feeling uncomfortable.

From our childhood we have learnt that sexuality is shameful.
How many of us have been encouraged to explore our sexuality and learn to be ecstatic? And how many were shamed for asking questions or (god have mercy) touching ourselves?
Religion implies that our bodies are bad and sinful and they need to be transcended.

The media uses sex to sell anything from fruit juice to cars.

All this limits people’s understanding of what sex is really about.

Holding hands is sexual. Nature is extremely sexual – look at flowers or trees…

Sexuality is everywhere!

But maybe not in the form that most people associate with sex. Sexuality doesn’t even have to involve the generative organs.

Because of sexual repression some people get really disturbed and turn their sexual energy into violence.

It is not your fault that you haven’t learnt the skills you need to access your pleasure, own your orgasms. Society doesn’t approve of it.

From my experience of educating people about the nature of sexuality and pleasure, I see that it is rather an exception to meet a woman who can orgasm freely. A big exception.

Most women either have never had an orgasm with a partner, or have occasional 5 second long clitoral peaks.

Each of us can play a role of de-repressing sexuality, putting an end to the shaming of it and therefore the violence that this repression is often responsible for.

We need to take responsibility for it and heal ourselves from that shame, that repression, that disconnect.
It’s that shame that us, our mothers and grandmothers have been carrying for centuries. That feeling that there is something embarrassingly wrong about us and there is nothing that can be done about it.

We can choose to re-establish an authentic connection to our body.

And reconnect our body, mind, heart and spirit with our sexuality.

We can acknowledge that sexuality is a huge part of our lives. Sexual energy is the fundamental energy of a human being. And we can learn to harness it and direct it. Instead of letting it get stuck and confuse us.

Look out for women who are deeply in touch with their sexuality.

They are rare and they always stand out in the crowd. These are the women who are in their body, who feel incredibly alive. These women remember how it feels to be untamed, wild and free. These are the women who shine.

You can be one of these women.

Photo by @deanraphael

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