February 2, 2022

Finding yourself beyond the personal identity, then losing yourself, over and over again…
then choosing to disidentify with the old self and align with the future self… then getting lost in the mind’s interpretation of this whole thing… then restoring the alignment with the original purity of the Soul… staring to get a hang of what it truly means to be carried…

And remembering what it’s all been about all the way.

It’s a funny thing, all of it.

Somehow none of it really matters after all.
And somehow… it all really does.

Whether it does or it doesn’t, why not make the absolute most out of this game.

Rebuild your cosmology.
Take a fresh look at anything you’ve ever believed in.
Turn up the levels.
Claim it all the way.
Do not settle, by any means.

Transcend all time.
Become eternity.
Suppose nothing to be impossible for you.

And freaking press PLAY on your one and only precious LIFE.

Photo by @patriciaimbarus, edit by @made.bylari ✨

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