September 22, 2021

Sometimes it feels as if the path has gotten foggy, and you can’t see clearly anymore…

You know something is off, but you cannot quite tell what, and what’s the way out…

What I know is that we have all answers within us.
Yet, the most difficult thing is to stay honest with ourselves – at all times.

It hurts the most to recognize: “I felt something was off… but I didn’t listen to myself”.

Honesty is about listening to yourself. Truly listening.
It is about knowing your heart.
It is about expressing what you feel in your heart,
what is really important to this heart.

Honesty can only come together with a radical choice to keep peeling off layers of wounds, masks and protection.

When we release and purify stuck energy and borrowed ideas we naturally tap into our purity.

That’s when we have the capacity to know and – therefore – reveal who we really are.

✧ Moved by Grace ✧ – my upcoming 4 day masterclass – will be such a potent portal for dropping all that is not true, all that is conditioned or borrowed… And aligning with the true voice of your Heart + translating it for others to hear.

The enrollment opens tomorrow!!

Can’t wait to connect with you in the space of this container. Potent and a really important conversation ahead!

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