December 7, 2013

What is your relationship with anger? Is it something you never experience? Or maybe something that comes to you all of a sudden and you cannot control? Do you think anger could be a representation of self-love and integrity?
Well let’s take a look.
An important thing for people to learn is to own their life.
Sounds simple. In fact it is not simple at all. If you think it is easy it means you have never tried to do it. When I say “own your life”, I mean to take ownership of everything that happens to you in life, even if the initiative is not coming from you. Take ownership of your emotions, your changes, your personality, your mind…
How can we do it?
First of all by acknowledging what is. This is a huge one. Because normally people are blind, they wear colored glasses and see reality through them. Its nothing else but seeing only projections on reality. And this leads directly to blaming others, looking for the guilty one, blaming the situation, luck, karma… You name it.
Instead of looking at yourself. What in you attracts this situation? What in you makes you react in a certain way?
Because if you are reacting, it means you are triggered. And why are you triggered when someone is bossy and not triggered when you see drunk people laughing at something stupid? The answer is resonance. It means there is something in it for you.
It is well known by yogis that there exists the law of resonance.
An example of resonance in the physical world would be a truck passing your house and suddenly the house shakes at the same vibration. The Tantrics believe that everything can be reduced to energy which has a specific vibration. For example, love has a specific vibration which differs from the vibration of anger. Let’s say you feel unloved. The yogis would say there’s an infinite amount of unconditional love waiting for you to tap into from the universe. The yogis say, Why die thirsty at the edge of a lake?
And actually we can charge ourselves up with love from the universe. Once we bring ourselves into resonance with love from the universe only then can we begin receiving and downloading love into our being. This has huge consequences because this means we can tap into any level of consciousness we desire by coming into resonance with a specific frequency that exists in the universe. And there are lots of tools for that in yoga.

In the same way if we resonate with the energy of anger, we will encounter situations where we are pushed to face it. Again and again. Collin Tipping, the author of the Radical Forgiveness Method says that the Universe is providing us situations so we can heal and grow. And you will be facing the same situations over and over again until you are able to sit with it and eventually open and transcend it. And very often the situation will look horrible and painful, and normally people will go on blaming others, not realizing that it is a gift, given to them so they can grow.

I think it is so beautiful.

We are taken care of, you know? Although, sometimes our level of consciousness is not high enough to understand it.
So coming back to anger. If we don’t suppress it, pretending it’s not there (nice girl or boy personality type), and at the same time are able to control ourselves, not putting it all on someone else, making them guilty of what we are feeling (victim personality)… but on the contrary just allow ourselves to sit with it, we can focus on the anger itself. Just anger. No story. No blame. Sit with it and look at it, and cry if you want, and feel like a victim or whatever you want, and cry again and hate and be angry… If you allow yourself this space, if you honor your feelings without projecting them onto anything outside, and simply accept them for what they are, looking into the very depth of it… And taking your time, as long as it takes… something miraculous can happen… When fully felt without a particular story, anger has a purity to it that is a straight line into truth.

You might realize that anger, hurt, pain and sadness were there long before this current situation… Years and years, maybe even lifetimes and lifetimes.. And now again you are given this trigger as another chance to see all your pain, all your anger and wake up. Don’t miss it, it’s a gift.

And then once you are able to transcend it you will see the awakening force of anger, the depth and beauty of if. You will see that it can be exactly the force that opens your heart. That allows you to learn true forgiveness when there is nothing left, that allows you to love yourself for who you are.

When you experience anger it is like something inside you is saying: “Something in my life needs to change in order for me to fully live.”
Anger is a great power of transformation, because it is your fire that will awaken you and liberate you.

Liberate yourself

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