May 18, 2021

Apologising is not about defining who is right and who is wrong.⠀

Apologising is expression of the Heart. ⠀

When I say “I am sorry” I am actually saying “I care”.⠀

🌑Right now we are under influence of the New Moon. This new Moon sets a tone for this whole year. It is a great moment to set a positive impulse. ⠀

✨Who are the people that you cannot forgive?⠀
✨Who are the people at the thought of who you cringe on the inside? ⠀

It could be a good time to reach out and ask them for forgiveness. ⠀

For what?! ⠀

✅ For not expressing what has been bothering you about your relationship,⠀
✅ For not being able to accept their behaviour and their point of view, ⠀
✅ For reacting and punishing them out of your own pain,⠀
✅ Other things that only you know.⠀

Holding onto resentment and bitterness can take up a lot of space inside us—it is more of a hindrance for ourselves than for anyone else. ⠀

☀️Ho’oponopono ☀️is a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. By doing this practice, the ancient cultures believed it would clear the mind and the roots of illness.⠀

It goes like this:⠀

✨I Love You. ⠀
✨I’m Sorry. ⠀
✨Please Forgive Me. ⠀
✨Thank You⠀

The foundation of Ho’oponopono is built upon the metaphysical assertion that everything in the world is you, expressed outwardly. Everything is created by your consciousness and is an outward reflection of you. ⠀

Therefore, whatever we see “out there” in the world that needs healing, is actually sourced from what needs healing in us.⠀

Only when you forgive yourself you learn to forgive others. This is only possible when you get to look closely at your “stuff”: your immaturity, your traumas, your pain. Because only then it is possible to develop compassion in your heart. Then you realise that choices other people make that may be hurting you are expression of where they are at on their journey, that is likely informed by their pain.⠀

Don’t punish people for their trauma. Look at your own and see miracles unfold before your eyes as you heal.⠀

💗Drop a 🙏 in the relevant Instagram post here if you will reach out to someone – let’s cultivate kindness towards each other.⠀

Art by @autumnskyeart

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