February 4, 2019

“We have to walk. And fast.” – I say. I start walking. I have no thoughts. I don’t look back. I trust that everyone is walking behind me. We must do this.

It’s night in Cairo. The traffic is wild. There are no traffic lights, we have to cross the highway twice, and walk to the Great Pyramid.

That’s all I know.

We arrive to the control station. I am very quiet inside. I am tuning into the Great Pyramid, requesting access for the group.

This moment has arrived. I’ve been waiting for it for nearly 2 years.

Or has it been lifetimes?

We are here with a grand mission.

We are back.

We get searched.

We enter the Great Pyramid.

We are walking 300 meters down. The corridor is narrow. I am short of breath. I am carried by an invisible force. I am running down. I trust that everyone behind me is safe.

My heart is exploding with emotion but I stay entirely quiet. It becomes very dark at some point. Trapped souls appear before me and request to be rescued.

We go on a spontaneous journey of initiation. It is wild in the most glorious way.

I look at everyone. These faces are dear and familiar, these eyes are vibrant and they sparkle in the dark. There is so much beauty that I see. It is their souls that I recognise.

There is no distance. There is nothing to say.

It is done.

Night is in its zenith.

We are walking down.

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