May 13, 2020

Some women’s sexual expression is very hot and very body-centered. These women are very exciting. They orgasm very loudly. They are very expressive. ⠀

For some, this looks like freedom of sexual expression, and it is so for them!⠀

After a while, you may recognize that this way of sexual expression became a default… perhaps, even a performance… ⠀

I confess: It used to be me. ⠀

Now looking back I recognize how much effort it took, and how much of it was actually about making myself feel worthy through impressing the man I was with… ⠀

This stems from the patriarchal paradigm. It tells us that we are worth nothing unless we achieve something. Many men are addicted to the idea that they need to perform and impress the woman and many women have exactly the same addiction. We also “learn” a heap of this from pornography.⠀

I used to believe that if my expression was not entertaining, I was being boring.⠀

I see this tendency in many women. I also know that it is a phase that they have to move through and make their discoveries along the way.⠀

Eventually, we discover that the deeper we go in… the more subtle we become, the deeper we feel, the bigger is our experience.⠀

Wild powerful movement and sound in sexual context certainly have their place, but they may be taking us out of a very subtle but profound space, out of experiencing what is REALLY here. ⠀

A woman who’s sexual expression is more subtle might be challenging for a man who is not used to it. However, when a man can tune into the woman’s stillness may find his consciousness being drawn deep inside her… ⠀

they both won’t be able to help but ⠀
flow with the ecstasy⠀
in the subtle inner pathways of light⠀
through which their combined energy and love ⠀
circulate together.⠀

Art by @tinamariaelena

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