June 2, 2022

If you cannot handle criticism you will place an energetic limit on how much you are seen. ⚡️

Our capacity to hold the light equals our capacity to hold the darkness.

You don’t need to hunt experiences that help you grow in capacity to hold the light. Life provides it all. 😅

The question is:

Can you be with what is without making it a sentence?


Can you hold yourself in chaos and confusion without letting it determine your future?

A couple of years ago most of my content was representing my very unorthodox views on the nature of sexuality (#1 most triggering subject) and spirituality.
There came a moment I felt I couldn’t handle the attention I was receiving. I was getting too impacted. My nervous system requested a break.

So I capped it. I kept showing up online yet the number of people who viewed my content dropped significantly.

I was blaming it on the SM algorithm…

Until I realised: I created it.

I decided it was too much attention and asked for a break. So I got it. Sometimes there is a lag in response from the Quantum, and me temporarily losing my main SM account was also a part of that process!

“You don’t want to be seen? Ok!”

“Ah you’ve changed your mind now and speeding up your manifestations? Ok, here you have it back!”

Lately I’ve been vocal about the #2 most triggering subject: MONEY!

The most misunderstood and misused resource, along with sexual energy.

I see criticism coming back.
I don’t thrive in criticism, yet… I take it as a great sign!

I decided to drop the veils, letting myself be fully seen, anew.

▿ ▿ ▿

I am not here to shrink, or be an easy fit for everyone.

I am not here to support the beliefs of the status quo.

I dare to risk being not relatable to everyone.

I dare to risk my significance and be seen.

I dare to let my voice emerge from deep within and serve what I came here to serve.

I don’t expect to be applauded for everything I say… Yet I will carry on, showing up with all I have, serving Love with all of me.

For and on behalf of the Soul of humanity.

▵ ▵ ▵

>>> Read it again and say it with me.

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