December 28, 2018

I have founded two schools,  the Priestess School and the Serpent Mystery School.
Each of them offers a journey that evidently leads somewhere.
But where do they lead?
To become someone who has healed their wounds?
To a deeper understanding of the gifts you have for the world?
To a clearer and more integrated sense of who you are?
To dismantling everything you ever thought you knew?
However, the only reason to work on yourself is to create space for the Divine.
So the Beloved can be revealed in your heart.
These schools are schools of awakening that offer a path for people who become true authentic Leaders, so lacking in the world.
True Leader is someone who is leading from an egoless space. True Leader is not someone equipped with many skills, but rather someone who learnt how to get out of their own way to let the Divine lead.
But most importantly, these are schools of awakening that offer a path for people who wish to become true authentic Leaders, something that is so lacking in the world.
A Leader can be someone who is very bright and expressive in sharing their gifts. Or it may be someone who serves in the world just by walking in purity and integrity.
We need to keep refining our energy body, discover the power of our sexuality, make peace with our emotional charges…
All so that our personality can cope with the voltage level of our soul.
And then we can lead.
From and for the Soul of entire humanity.

Priestess School is a school for feminine leaders. In Module 5 – The Leadership Training – women will get empowerment to start teaching this work at the Priestess School.
To qualify to join the next Leadership Training please join us for Module 1.
If this is calling you – please respond to this call. It would be a joy to have you in the soul family.

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