September 17, 2020

You say you want a conscious relationship but are you ready to bear all the fire that comes along with it?⁣

Through a committed conscious Union two mortals can experience what it feels like to be divine. ⁣

It sounds amazing. And really, it is.⁣

Yet it is not for the frail ones.⁣

Solitary spiritual paths are historically much more common and for a reason. As soon as you engage sexual energy – the most powerful force accessible to a human being… things tend to get entirely out of hand.⁣

Most people are not equipped to handle the intensity of this fire. Hence they start fighting and being aggressive (actively or passively) with each other. Or they repress their feelings and close off a part of themselves. And eventually stop making love. ⁣

It takes dedication and it takes holy work of love to sustain a Holy Union . Both partners need to be willing to drop all games and do that work together. They need to be willing to look deeper. To feel deeper. And even deeper. ⁣

All the way down until no thoughts move. Then you know, who are you, who is your partner and who you are together. From this foundation you can build.⁣

Through responsibility for your reactions and emotions; through daring to bring your fierceness to your partner thus serving as an agent of transformation; through commitment to your energetic and emotional well-being; through continually re-aligning with the Nature of your Union… you discover that the Union is an intelligence that is beyond your mind’s ideas.⁣

You say you want to feel seen and met by your partner but can you bear it?⁣
Can you bear being so entirely naked before someone so they see all your raw places, all the places you have a hard time loving within yourself…⁣
Or would you rather they saw only your pretty parts?⁣

It won’t work like this, my friend. Love won’t play by your rules. You are the one who has to surrender. And surrender more. Because as long as there are unsurrendered parts within you, you will be getting burnt by the fire of love. Love wants to kiss you from within and transform you into what you have always secretly dreamt of but never dared to admit. Love wants to give you all. ⁣

You say you want it all, but will you dare to receive it?⁣

Photo by @katarinabaliova

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