June 10, 2022

The moment I dropped the need for him to change… he started showing up in a completely new power and maturity.

The moment I accepted that he will never give me EVERYTHING that I may ever want… our relationship changed.

And transitioned to a whole new level of depth and intimacy.

The moment I allowed myself to express a truly large spectrum of my feminine energy… I discovered that he really is here for it all!

Only when I don’t attach my well-being, freedom of expression or ultimate happiness to his way of being or behaviour… can I fully accept him.
The way he is, now.

He will never be able to give it all to me because what I truly want… cannot be given to me by ANY human being.

It can only be given to me by God.

And in fact it is being given.
With every my breath.


The way you show up for me is extraordinary. I have never experienced being so deeply seen, cherished, understood and encouraged in all my wildest endeavours!

I love you and I love doing this Life with you @olivervillwock ♥️

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