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Shedding light on the Masculine & Feminine within us all


#6 Welcome to this episode of the Boundless Love Podcast. 

I am so happy to welcome you to this episode and I am looking forward to sharing with you all the things about masculine and feminine.

I will share with you about all the different levels on which masculine and feminine energy manifests itself. I will speak about the wounded masculine and feminine, the dark and the light masculine and feminine, and the most interesting part of it: the cosmic masculine and feminine principles. 

In this episode I cover:

  • Masculine & Feminine (1:34)
  • Sacred Man | Sacred Woman (1:00)
  • The feminine and masculine principles (1:22)
  • When we associate the masculine & feminine principles with gender (2:21)
  • The energetic channel we all have (4:51)
  • About balanced energetic channels(5:53)
  • What are the qualities of the feminine and the masculine(6:48)
  • The feminine qualities (6:59)
  • The masculine qualities (8:32)
  • We need both feminine and masculine principles to be happy in life (10:45)
  • The dark & light feminine & masculine (11:55)
  • The light feminine (11:59)
  • The healthy dark feminine (13:00)
  • The wounded dark feminine (16:00)
  • The difference between them (17:02)
  • The light masculine (18:25)
  • The dark masculine (18:48)
  • The wounded dark masculine (19:27)
  • The healthy dark masculine (21:45)
  • The healthy feminine (22:45)
  • The vertical/cosmic level of masculine & feminine (24:09)
  • The cosmic level of the masculine (24:30)
  • The cosmic level of the feminine (24:47)
  • Developing of the feminine (26:08)
  • Developing of the masculine (26:41)
  • How does it work in a relationship? (28:12)
  • You need to find where you are the happiest (29:50)
  • Recapping (32:31)
  • Welcome to send you questions over at info@sofiasundari.com (33:31)
  • Activated Woman | Activated Man (34:00)
  • Welcome to check my calendar in resources (34:06)
  • Sacred Man | Sacred Woman (34:38)

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Thank you so much for listening. I feel happy to know that you are here and would be SO grateful if you could leave me a review on Apple podcasts, that way we can inspire, educate and transform the lives of even more people together.

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