June 2, 2022

We’re often taught that our desires are to remain hidden and secret and that our bodies are deemed naughty…

Yet the truth is:

Eroticism is the Divine force of Love on this planet.

Erotic liberation is in fact liberation of Love.

Erotic energy is the energy of life force. It is the energy of our unconditional power.

Erotic energy is way bigger than sɘxual energy. Yet if we are not fully connected to our sɘxuality, we will feel disconnected from Life as such.

Shame around sɘxuality is one of the biggest things blocking humanity from internal freedom.

Once we deepen our relationship with the body, desire and pleasure, we shift some of the deepest limiting patterns.

The solution lies in our ability to connect with our internal source of pleasure and power:

≜ Ecstasy ≜

Learning to wield the energy of ecstasy within your field opens up your whole being on all levels…

Reclaiming the divinity of eroticism, coming fully ALIVE and aligning your energy with the highest vibrational frequency of your being starts with only one thing: your CHOICE.

From this ALIVENESS your capacity to manifest in the Quantum skyrockets.

That’s what we are going to be working on during Return to Ecstasy Immersion.

It is an in-person retreat run by yours truly in Portugal with support of my extraordinary team of Love Warriors.

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