November 30, 2021

Feminine radiance has a healing quality to it that uplifts every relationship, and can even shift the energy of an entire room.

It naturally attracts men of a high caliber, who are able to fully respect the power and the sacred beauty of such a Woman.

But most women don’t dare to embody their deepest beauty and radiance.


Because we are not trained to live fully surrendered into the body and in our pleasure, we forget how to navigate the depths of sensuality…

Let’s face it: we are trained to live from our minds.

And therefore:

♛ We accumulate resentment caused by old wounds, programming, and the energy of past lovers…

♛ We don’t do the work of empowering our inner masculine and therefore don’t come into the space of sovereign wholeness…

♛ We associate femininity with the mother archetype, the one that’s taking care and giving… which is NOT a feminine energy archetype.

♛ We forget how to receive a lover, how to let ourselves be taken care of, how to let go into trust…

… When transforming all of that is the Key to being able to reclaim our pleasure and magnetise whatever we most desire.

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