August 30, 2019

Most people have a tendency to hold on.
To what? To everything!
To the unresolved issues with other people, to the past, to they pain and wounds, to dreams and expectations, to an unhealthy self image, to an idea of their own unworthiness…

I think this happens because the great Force of transformation, death and rebirth (in tantra this force is referred to as Kali) didn’t kick your ass enough!

Holding on becomes a burden that YOU carry. The person that you cannot accept/forgive doesn’t feel neither hot nor cold through your resentment, life goes on even if you are keeping all those ideas intact.

But you stay in place, with that heavy weight on your shoulders.

When we indulge in emotions and cannot let go of those limiting factors we need to create fire in our system. If you are challenged and struggling a lot in life – it’s actually a way that life is trying to help you create that fire!

If you are resisting and every challenge makes you go lower and lower into the dark waters of your psyche – you’re not responding to the call of life!

Put yourself together! You have a choice!

You are the one who can choose how you meet Life.

You can choose whether you bend under the weight or the burdens or whether you activate your inner fire, let it burn everything that needs to burn and emerge from ashes like Phoenix, glorious and bright.

Find your passion, find the heat in your belly, find practices what make your body hot and energy active, commit to your path, commit to taking one small step every day, make that call, send that message, end that unhealthy relationship, you can do this.

You are the captain of your life.

Photo by Jodie DS

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