May 4, 2021

An intimate relationship is a spiritual path. It’s a mistake to waste it for anything less than that.⠀

Facing the fear to be completely exposed, annihilated, destroyed by the mysterious power of Life herself… ⠀
Letting go of protecting your heart… ⠀
Being ready to die to all you’ve known yourself to be… ⠀

Is the price you have to pay for experiencing true Love.⠀

The Fire of Love will burn through all resistance. The Fire of Love will always bring you back to Truth. If only you let it.

To know Love you have to be free. And you can only be free when you know Love.⠀
I’ve been in need of integration of something that feels like a big blast of light so I’ve been taking it really easy and haven’t been working on my book lately. But I’m getting back to it, with a renewed honor towards the Sacred Union and the new manuscript Fire of Love will be published as expected – in  2021 ✨ ⠀

My live training Fire of Love is coming up this October in Spain. Click here for more info.

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