November 30, 2021

Do you know where billions of people hide from their power?

In their inability to own their anger.

What happens when we give ourselves permission to feel anger?

We start to be able to hold bigger energy.

We get to feel power in our bodies.

We finally become capable of setting our boundaries.

We finally start feeling our lower body.
The heat in our pelvis.
Our desire.
Our sex.

If you are like: “I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’ve been full of anger my whole life”.

🔥To be full of anger and to feel anger are two separate things. 🔥

Most people don’t know how to hold anger, they only know how to either *repress* anger or *throw it off.*

When we hold anger, feel it, let it build and move in us… we discover the hidden gifts of anger.

And those are many.

I’m excited to dive into a conversation about truly deep power.

The power that doesn’t need to be explained or proven.

The power that unlocks our essential energy, radiance and magnetism.

The power that is felt wherever you show up…

The power that makes our dreams come true.

A new Masterclass is coming your way in December!
More details here! ✨🤩

Photo by @_hannahvela_

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