December 28, 2018

At the end of the recent class I offered to couples here in Ibiza a woman shared that after doing the practices she felt really open, deeply in love, in profound connection with her partner, and at the same time really grounded within herself.
I thought: “Yes, that’s it, you got it”.
When we are in love with someone we tend to get lost in this person. At first, it feels delightful…
Sooner or later, though, you may find yourself quite destabilised and ungrounded.
You may find yourself being overly enmeshed with the other. Whatever they do affects you greatly. Their smallest actions may impact your mood for the whole day.
It’s as if your partner becomes your ground.  But they can’t be a ground – they are a person!
In fact, this enmeshment blocks true love from flowing through. Because love needs space. And when we are enmeshed there is no space. Instead a whole bunch of complex mechanisms of personality start kicking in: conditioning based on our upbringing, social expectations, wounds, dreams and hopes…
Love slowly but surely starts to lose its purity. And instead of coming closer to the object of your love, you may find that you are repelling each other.
So here the part about “being grounded within yourself” comes in handy.
Your ground and alignment with your Truth is your responsibility. Don’t try to give this responsibility to your partner. Live your life as truthfully as you possibly can. Love your partner as much as you possibly can. And remember that your partner is a gift. They are not there to hold you and make you feel secure within yourself. That’s your job!
Do whatever it takes to feel grounded. Solo practices, a routine, rituals, journaling, spending quality time with friends, spending time in Nature, taking baths or anything else that works for you.
You are not only doing this for yourself.
You are also doing it for your partner. And for your relationship.
Because, the truer you are, the bigger you can love. And the more you can appreciate the love of other people.
The practices that participants in my trainings do are all aimed at empowering and rooting the individual first, and from this place they can actually relate to someone authentically.
The next mixed-gender training is phase 1 of the Serpent Mystery SchoolLiberation into Orgasm.
If you are ready to truly live it – join us today 💜
Photo by Katarina Baliova

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