June 10, 2022

So many women settle for less in relationships and in life because they have not yet recognised and embodied their worth.

In truth, we are infinitely worthy of being held, desired, seen, cherished, and supported in a relationship.

So how do we reclaim our power and take back our crown? ♛

First, we must take full radical self-responsibility for our own Lives.

Some women blame men for not giving them what they want, yet every relationship is a two-way street.

I lovingly ask these women… “In what ways are you putting up with what you don’t want?”

✯ When we place our power outside of ourselves in another person and they are made responsible for giving us what we want, we unconsciously play the victim and don’t take responsibility for our own lives.

Second, I recommend every woman who feels low self-worth — become deeply connected to who you are.

If you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you want… you will settle for less because you think you don’t deserve any better.

When in fact two things are true:

1. Men want to see you happy, and if they know how to do it – they are often happy to provide that.

2. Sometimes they won’t be able to provide it. And that’s okay too, because you’ve got yourself.

I wish for you to be anchored in yourself firmly and shine from that place. ♡

When a woman is clear in who she is and she knows her worth, she stands out from the crowd. She radiates a deep inner power which magnetises men — those “good” men.

✧ Are you ready to let go of old wounds and embody your feminine magnetism? ✧

I’m about to launch a course on this subject – for women who want to create a Sacred Union.

AND today in the first day of my Masterclass I was teaching on this subject…
The feedback was beyond the roof! The energy was amazing! And now as they are doing their homework they are changing their lives and relationships, as we speak.

You can still get the replay!

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