May 9, 2018

At some point you may find that everyone in your circles has dated everyone else and there seems to be no escape from this loop.

Generally, people tend to complain about this, as if there was something wrong with it.

I don’t see it this way.

I think that in all our relationships we actually have been not only loving each other, helping each other to grow etc… but also preparing each other for future partners. I’m confident that all my exes now are way more prepared for going deep with someone than before they met me.

All the women that are/will be dating my ex-partners receive them with some pretty awesome gifts and skills. And I’m very happy about that. I’d rather all women dated men who had spent time with conscious sisters rather than with women who emasculate them.

I have also received gifts from each partner I’ve ever been with. These gifts have made me stronger, more human and more caring.

In the same way, when I am dating someone I feel all the sisters who were with him before and sense their powerful transmissions, all of which have impacted the man. It’s our collective enterprise, people!
We love, we give our best, we initiate each other, we heal and hold each other tight, and then… it may so happen that our paths part.
There’s no need to hold onto the gifts you offered somebody you love(d).
There’s no need to think that the new partner is going to take something which belongs
to you.

We should not hold onto love.
Love doesn’t belong to anyone.
Love is what moves through us.
If we are wise enough to let it do its work though us, we are contributing to the New

A world where we step away from transactional relationships.

A world where we are free and in love, at the very same time.

A world where we care for others as much as we care for ourselves.

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