September 19, 2020

The pendulum swings and from low self esteem and shyness many people emerge into total gut wrenching… arrogance and a posture of entitlement.⁣

It’s a part of the process. It’s ok. But this needs to be brought to light.⁣

It doesn’t serve you to stay in your demands.⁣

No, you are not better than others.⁣
No, you are not entitled for a special treatment no matter the reasons.⁣
You are exactly like everyone else, not better and not worse.⁣

In any confusing situation choose…⁣


And even if it’s not confusing. Stay humble, dear one.⁣

Notice your ego wanting to indulge into feeling undeserving. Notice your ego wanting to feel special. ⁣

Both are a part of the same coin. Both: low self esteem and entitlement come from overidentification with the egoic identity. In fact, both are a product of good old unworthiness.⁣

Humbleness is a language of your Heart.⁣

When you start living life from your Heart, reality around you will change as well.⁣

Surrender, dear one, you don’t need to fight anymore. ⁣

Let Life take care of you.⁣

Liberate yourself

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