April 23, 2017

I was speaking with my friend about Integrity the other day. And I asked myself, how I could explain to someone what it really means… Here is my attempt:


It is such a big word in my life.

How can you explain to someone what integrity is?

To live in alignment with our Spirit is integrity.

To follow our heart’s guidance is integrity.

To follow the Truth is integrity.

Integrity is when our whole being is oriented towards the light, towards clarity, towards Truth.

But what if a person cannot feel their heart? What if they have no clue what it means to be in alignment with their Spirit?

And most don’t.

The world is filled with things that bring confusion and lead away from the Spirit.


What is our Spirit or heart anyway?


In this context I mean our Higher Self, this light or warmth that is always there inside, no matter what. It is a space, that is bigger than the personality, than the body, than the mind.

Sometimes people mistake the pull of their desires for the guidance of their heart. That’s actually quite spectacular to observe! This might be so loud! As if something is yelling inside – “I WANT THAT”!

But Truth does not pull or scream inside like that. It is more likely to be a quiet knowing in the background without any of the noise and the urgency. When our Higher Self wants something it can be very quiet. The art is to listen to the knowing in that silence.

Walking a path of Truth has nothing to do with being a good person or doing ‘the right thing’. Truth has its own knowing and sense of direction, which often looks entirely illogical to our “human self”.

I have encountered those moments of intense clarity at various turning points in my life.

On the one hand there is what my mind likes, and on the other there is also this deep inner knowing of my integrity.

Once you see that, you cannot not follow through.

Ending a relationship is an example of that.

In my own case, when I was separating from my ex-husband, I had a very sharp sense that the relationship I was in had to end because this was what Truth wanted.

There was this deep knowing at some stage: it’s just not going to work. And from there it made no difference whether things were complicated or not. It was terribly painful. But one thing I knew for sure for sure: there was no choice. To be true to myself, I had to leave the person that I loved so much.


Actually, I really love the feeling of choicelessness.


Once you know, you just know. That was the feeling when I left Russia – my home country, for example. Some people say: “wow you were so brave”, I say: “not necessarily, I just didn’t have a choice.”


But how can anyone really know what is Truth and what is not?


It starts with our truth.

No need to worry about aligning with Spirit. First we need to find our own personal sense of truth. Listening to that silent knowing inside. And let it grow from there.

Truth is not something fixed. It is a state of integrity, a way of moving through life so that every choice, every action is made with the desire to move closer to the highest version of ourselves.

The sense of Truth evolves with time. Our clarity becomes stronger. We begin to distinguish the voice of our demands from the silent knowing of Truth. At first we may need to sit with it and tune in. Then it becomes faster and faster.

At any stage, at any moment, you can do this: feel into Truth to the best of your ability and follow it. Don’t doubt, just follow. And then grace will come.

However there is a trap to be aware of.

It feels like this: “That’s it, I have found Truth and now I’m fine.”

As long as we are looking from the standpoint of our human existence there is no such thing as absolute Truth. It is always possible to be mistaken.


And here, the best protector of integrity is humility.


With the knowledge of where human beings stand in the Creation no one can say they are forever aligned with Truth. It is only through cultivating an absolute love for Truth that we have a chance not to be misguided.

Over time we develop a smell for integrity. We begin to sense that some choices take us closer to the light of the Spirit and others do not.

And we sense it in an instant when something is off.


Sensing Truth is a capacity that grows the more we follow it.


Listening to the leadings of the Spirit… This is something we can do every step of the way.

Aspire to be true to the Highest of ourselves.

And eventually the delightful “click” in our being, when we feel full alignment, will become a more and more regular experience.


Also, one amazing truth about this alignment… is that it is the Key to manifesting the reality that we want. Because when we live in integrity, we give the Universe a signal, a “Yes, I am for real, I mean it. Yes, I walk my path, step by step in integrity, yes I do what I say I will do…” And then everything we want is doomed to come true.

Because by living in integrity we make a pact with our soul.

For the love of Truth,
Sofia Sundari


Photo by red mahan

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