December 1, 2018

How can I love you from purity?

How can I love you from presence?

How can I love you from spaciousness?

How can I love you without mixing in desire that’s boiling in my belly and burning me to ashes from within?…

How can I love you without mixing in the need to be held, cared for and nurtured?

How can I love you so you are not pulled by my fire, my needs, my calling?

How can I love you so you are totally free to be totally you?..

We live in a world where people are constantly hooking each other.

Trying to possess, to control, to manipulate. To behave in a way that the other person falls in love; to make sure the other person stays near. Usually it happens in the subtlest sneaky way. To get attention, to get validation.

We all do that, so it’s better to get to see it and become honest about it. Because otherwise you don’t even notice how you are placing the hooks, again and again.

But it is not your Soul that does that. It’s the abandoned child. This child lives within you, and plays as if it was you.

A little word here. A little hint there. Pulling on other people’s energy.

The child is not evil. The child just needs to feel loved and cared for.

But not by others – by you.

How is hooking someone different from a genuine expression of love for another?


Love does not pull.

Love has no desire to possess.

Love is not attached to outcome.

Love cannot be measured and contained.

Love does not demand.

Love belongs to no one, yet it moves through everyone.

Love has no stories, no history, no expectation, no resentment.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love loves to love, for the sake of loving.

Then, one day you will let love take over… and you will find yourself laughing blissfully, in tears: there is no greater joy than loving! Loving fearlessly, completely…

On another day, when it’s time to go, you will close your eyes and let it all go, with serenity, with ease.

Because you will know that you have lived.

As for love… it never ends, not even then.


Photo by Katya-Rada Turkova

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