May 13, 2020

For this Planet to survive we have to choose love over fear, again and again. ⠀

Our fear of love is what has been killing our Planet. We’ve become so numb we don’t feel that when trees are being chopped down it’s our children who are being killed. It is lack of love that contaminates waters, that creates lack of awareness around what we put in our bodies and how we use plastic. It is fear of love that makes us attack each other and cross boundaries. It is fear of love that creates disease in our bodies. ⠀

We forgot how to feel. We forgot how to love. ⠀

So Love had to burn us. Everything had to explode. The world has been shaking. Many things that were giving people a sense of stability in the past are now gone. Many people have been facing anxiety, uncertainty and fear. ⠀

Another name for Love is Kali, the Great Force of transformation.⠀

Whenever we get stuck in habits and get lazy, She roams through our lives, and slaps our faces. She shows us places where we’ve been lying to ourselves, She makes us face our fears, She burns away all false yet seemingly comfortable concepts. ⠀

Yet… everyone who’s ever recognised her and has been kissed by her… found a jewel that was hidden in the ruins. ⠀

After the smoke has settled, after we have licked our wounds and gotten an overview of the damage, we start to walk with a renewed sense of freedom and spaciousness about us. ⠀

We might be stumbling and limping in the beginning, and it’s not that we will ever be who we once were… But soon we recognise that to create we must first destroy, to give space for new we must let go of old. And something new starts emerging… ⠀

Love will forever be throwing us back into the totality of life, challenging us to embrace it all: the light, the dark, the fullness, the death… and recognise that life is ALL of that and Love is the glue that keeps it all together. ⠀

And one day we will look back at it all, bowing our head to the ground in gratitude.⠀

“I am not afraid. I was born to do this. “⠀
~ Joan of Arc⠀

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