July 15, 2021

Your inner Warrior is the most attractive thing in the world to us. We want to feel that you would fight for yourself, fight for your purpose, for your family, and for us if the time comes.

We want to feel safe, held, and fiercely protected in your presence. This is your gift to us.

When you use your words consciously with purpose, and stay true to your word, in touch with your heart — we melt open to you.

We can feel it in our bodies when you radiate awareness and intention over every decision you make.

Your direction allows us to surrender into our inner feminine. It is the most attractive feeling in the world.

We crave this experience of you and your masculinity more than anything.

Men… are you courageously loving, open, and honest with yourself and with the women in your life?  ▿

Is there a woman in your life who you want to show up for in these ways? Or do you desire to connect with a woman in these ways?

In our lives, we must choose to love ourselves with each passing day. In relationship, we have the luxury of choosing to love another every single day.

It is a gift and a challenge to show up together through the moments of highest bliss, and the difficulty that arises.

What is more powerful than “needing” that partner is choosing to stay with them, to learn from them, and to be a united force together.

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than two people leaning into union with trust, patience, and appreciation for one another and for the process.

▵ This holy love is available to all of us. ▿

If you feel inspired to create this kind of connection, join us in the Sacred Man | Sacred Woman Training.

Photo by @galanterrr

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