May 5, 2016

After spending entire days and nights in nature, my body feels so wide awake.

In nature we can release our shields, open up energetically – in our bones we know: it is safe.

And coming back to “normal” life, being surrounded by electronic devices, wires, wifi and phone signals, synthetic materials, toxic cosmetics and food… it actually feels like violence to my energetic body.

Living in all that we become numb. Our bodies become desensitized. We no longer remember what it feels like to be truly alive.

It is probably the last lifetime that we will spend on this planet.

Looking at technological progress, we can see that it’s inevitable.

Soon traveling to space won’t be surprising for anyone. And most probably in the next lifetime we all are going to live on space stations.

It may sound radical to you, but the situation on this planet at the moment is pretty radical too.

Technological progress is inevitable and it is not intrinsically bad – we have so much access to information, we can develop our intellects like never before. I personally create online courses and programs and through the means of technology connect to people who mean the world to me.

But overall everything encourages us to live in our minds, and less and less – in our hearts.

We are on our way to developing the “supermind” – with that we go into the highest capacities of our mind.

But for now, while Earth is still here, we have to acknowledge how beautiful this planet is. How powerful nature is. How we are inseparable from it. And how this connection with the Earth connects us to our innermost being. It connects us to the now.

It connects us to our heart.

When we live in disconnection from nature we become detached from the wild and free animal that is such an important and real part of ourselves.

It is so healing and empowering for us to learn to feel comfortable in nature. Then she becomes our nourishment, our number one remedy for stress, our dearest friend.

The Earth is our Mother, we need to honor her. My heart bleeds when I see how people use tons of plastic completely unconsciously.

I love the Earth. I love how awake and sensitive my body feels in nature.

My wild woman is joyous.

Next time you are in nature I recommend you do the following practice:

Lay face down on the earth and breathe into your belly. Spend about 5 minutes doing that. Then listen carefully to the Earth, and now include her in your breath, keep breathing together with Her. Maybe you will be able to feel the breath and the pulse of the Mother. Allow yourself to be touched by Her.

She is alive. She is beautiful. She is bountiful. She is you.

Let me know in the comments: do you feel comfortable in nature? What are your favourite things to do in nature?

Photo by @iamjodielouise

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