January 6, 2022

I cured C*vd in 5 days, doing breathwork, taking supplements and practicing detoxification.

There were a couple of side effects:

– I felt tired like never before and it lasted for about 7 days after the recovery.

– My period was weird. It was a 9 day process and I felt that I was releasing something foreign to human realm, some genetically modified and mutated substance. Many women experienced something similar.

All in all it was a very unpleasant process, but nothing crazy.

How come some are down with C. for weeks or longer and others recover so fast?
I believe it boils down to the inner state and the state of health.

I do simple things that boost my immune system daily. These things are accessible to everyone. I had to teach myself how to do it and now it’s completely natural.

I think we all will have to face C., in a way or another. It’s a global thing, it’s just something we have to meet, understand what it is here to teach us and… move on.

There is an incredible amount of drama around this topic. There is also a lot of manipulation and mass hypnosis coming from mass media.

Because of this connection to my body and heart I know what is right for me. Hence I won’t be getting the vxine.

If you chose to get a v. and made this choice from a well informed place in attunement with your body – good for you, I truly wish that it serves you.

All I know is that it’s not good for me.
What’s good for me is to keep taking care of my health and not imagine that some untested substance will make me healthy and “safe” for others.

I was not sharing my view publicly because I didn’t want to enter into debates (I still don’t) and lose people over opinions. But once I started speaking – I’ve received a mind blowing amount of love from my community here. ♥️

☤ In the end, this whole thing is a wake up call. ☤

There is a force that doesn’t want us to listen to our inner knowing and speak from that place. This force is not just society, it’s much bigger.

Fighting it is not the point.

Complying with what kills your soul is not the point.

Staying rooted in your heart, while being clear on your boundaries and anchored in your truth is. ✨

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