September 22, 2021

I lived most of my life putting other people’s desires and needs first.

I was trying to be a good daughter and sister and not take too much space and not disturb anyone. I was trying to fit into what men seemed to find attractive. I was trying to be a good student. I was trying to be a good employee.

I think I’m blessed because NONE of that worked for me.

I was terrible at school.My career as a lawyer ended miserably. I was not able to create a beautiful authentic relationship and kept attracting men who were not available emotionally. I felt suffocated in my home environment, because the ways of my family seemed so foreign to me…so I ended up moving 10,000 km away and that was when I started feeling my own self, without the influence of society.

Ever since we are little we are taught to look for answers in the external world. We are taught to be obedient nice boys and girls and do what we are told.

We are not taught that we need to find our own way and that way will likely be different to everyone else’s… We are not taught to trust ourselves.

Getting to access our inner knowing is the purpose of all inner work. But even that tends to turn into “sit still and close your eyes – this is how you meditate”,and in that – take us away from our inner knowing not towards it.

We don’t need to move countries to connect with ourselves. But I believe that we can only truly tap into our inner knowing from a place of being nourished from deep within.

Your nourishment is between you and… you. Only you know what truly nourishes you. It may be something guided when your mind can switch off, it may be something structured like a yoga class or a work out, it may be anything!

The main thing is that you prioritise it and designate a time to it.

When we prioritise our nourishment we are resourced, we are connected, we know clearly our “yes” and “no”.

Then we return to natural overflow, and our Lives and Service become an effortless expression of Love.

So… if you’re up for some nourishing time with my guidance + a shift towards a life of fullness, you may want to know that The Art of Nourishment workshop is happening tomorrow! 🤍


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