December 27, 2018

Priestess School is a school for feminine leaders. Next year in Module 5 – The Leadership Training – women will be empowered to start teaching this work at the Priestess School.
Being a Leader is not a piece of cake.
Being a Leader means that you have to show up for what you know to be true. Even if there are people who are opposing you. As a Leader you have to stay true to your vision even when you are challenged. Even if you have to throw up in between practices (it happened to me). Being a Leader, you will inevitably trigger many people (happens to me every single day). Being a Leader means that you have to surrender all traces of wanting to be liked by everybody.
Being a Leader means that sometimes you will mess things up.
And that doesn’t stop you. You lick your wounds, do what needs to be done, find yourself in ruins, get up and do your holy work.
Whatever you do there will be people who get triggered, no matter how positive, how correct, how clear and how precise you are.
Being a Leader means not taking anything personally, neither praise nor criticism. And this can only happen if we have experienced an ego death: a total crush of individual identity. To really lead we need to loosen the grip of personality.
Being a Leader, you must know that it is not you who leads.
It is the Divine leading through you. And that is not just service. It is an immense privilege.
The next module of the Priestess School is Module 5 and it is the Leadership Training. It is for people who want to teach this Work, and participation in Modules 1 and 2 is a pre-requisite.
To qualify to join the next Leadership Training please join us for Module 1 in Bali (January 2021) and then for Module 2 in Mallorca (May-June 2020).
All the details are here:
Some people think that they can skip Module 1 because they have already done a lot of work. I must assure you that people of any level of practice can join Module 1. Sometimes I wish I could participate in it! This work is based on non-duality and Tantra, and it is practically impossible to be too advanced for this work.
You are welcome to check out details on the next Module 1 and apply to join us today!

Photo by @katarinabaliova

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