November 1, 2021

I think the new age hype around manifestation is overrated. Whenever I tried manifestation techniques I’d get incredibly bored.

However, I live in a reality entirely created by me. Things I couldn’t even dream of in the past are now my reality.

What I believe makes anything possible for me (and anyone else) is this:

✯ Radical self responsibility – I don’t complain or make anyone responsible for things that work or don’t work in my Life. If I’m experiencing something it means I created it. If I don’t like what I’m experiencing it means I need to look at myself, recognise how I created it and take an action that is in alignment with what I want to be experiencing instead.

✯ Rather than making specific requests, vision boards or mind movies about what I want, I focus on growing, daily. Every day I am growing into my greatest potential.

Our greatest potential is the the peak of human potential.
This is the space of No Limits.

✯ And the most important and the most difficult piece of it all:
Trust.In the past I trusted because I was a little numb and naive. But it worked! Now trust takes a lot more courage… because I’ve been through so much pain and like anyone else I could find so many reasons not to trust… and yet, I choose to Trust.Because Life without Trust is not a real Life.
Because my Soul would get suffocated without Trust.
Because Trust is what opens our true doors.
✯ In this Trust I know that the entire Universe has my back and it wants the absolute best for me.
Even when I’m facing challenges, these challenges prepare me to step even fuller into Me and what’s prepared for me. All I really have to do is stop resisting it and receive the Love that’s available for me, right now. ✨

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Photo by @patriciaimbarus

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