November 1, 2021

To be a mystic in the world means to see beyond the veils of illusion.
It means to awaken from millenia of disconnect.
It means to Remember.
Remember that your job is not to bring more spirituality to your life. But rather align your life with your inherent spiritual nature.

To be a mystic in the world means to open your eyes wide, get involved with all the layers of Life, be radically honest with yourself and activate such profound integrity within so that everything you touch turns into gold.

To be a mystic in the world means to activate the original purity of your s exual energy, harness it and use it to maximise your capacity for love, pleasure, healing and creativity.

To be a mystic in the world means to understand the codes of abundance, open to prosperity and create incredible beauty on this planet by directing this energy in constructive ways.

To be a mystic in the world means to reclaim your voice and speak up for what you know to be true on every level.

It means to be the bridge between the Heaven and the Earth. It means to lead yourself in the midst of chaos. It means to anchor so deep within, so that even if everything that has ever given you a sense of stability falls away… you will remain, rooted in Presence.

This is the Work that we do during Sundari Mystery Immersions.


We have just wrapped up an *incredible* Training – Fire of Love. We were taken by a profound current that kept deepening with every breath. I am in love with the magic that took place for us who remembered the Temple and truly opened to it.

Now more and more people feel a calling to create Temples: spaces dedicated to Healing, Devotion, Transformation and deepening of Love.

The Temple is not just a sacred space. It’s a space where we have direct access to miracles.

The original place of the Temple is Egypt. This land is the Mother of all Spiritual traditions. This land is the Mother of the Temple, since the beginning of our times on this planet. There is no better place to get a direct transmission of what the Temple really is.

Very soon we are going back to Egypt for the third and likely the final round of the Great Work of The Soul. 👑♥️

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