April 14, 2021

Have you ever felt shame, guilt, fear, or insecurity around sex? ☤

You are not alone. You won’t find a topic that has more shame around it than sɘxuality.

It is actually good to recognise that shame is there. Many people live in denial of the shame and hence – disconnect from their emotions.

If you’re human, you’ve picked up unconscious patterning and beliefs about sɘxuality. Yet no matter what you have been told or what you have experienced, you can step into your power.

When you liberate your sɘxuality, you liberate your relationships, your Life… and fall in love with yourself.

Sɘx is a sacred act which has the power to elevate two souls into Divine love and unity. However, it is treated as a dirty thing that you must keep hidden.

If you’ve been taught that exploring your body is sinful or shameful, remember the deep inner knowing within you that says… “My body is the true embodiment of nature, of the Divine!”

You would never tell nature she needs to cover her flowers… Right?

So then why must you hide your natural self?

Why do you fear to speak your desires?

Why do you hold shame around having + experiencing a body?

This is not natural to you. This has been taught to us by society and through religion.

≜ Your body is an expression of the Divine. ≜

≜ Your body is a portal to experience Divine love. ≜

≜ Desire and pleasure are natural. ≜

≜ You are sacred. You are erotic. You are Divine. ≜

Once you learn to slow down, open your heart, and drop your mind fully into your body…

…it shifts everything for you in all aspects of your life. ✯

You unlock a beautiful feeling of reverence + love for the gift of your body. 🗝️

You clear generations of shame, love your physical vessel, and become an open channel.

You become magnetic to all you desire. ♡

When you heal your sɘxuality, you tap into your power and pleasure.

Sɘxual liberation is the work that will heal our world.

Are you feeling the call to empower your sacred sɘxuality?

You can dive into this profound healing in my upcoming Training. Join me in a week long in-person experience, Liberation into Orgasm! ♡

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Art by @wetstrokesart

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