December 29, 2019

When priestesses come together they create a temple. Ultimately the whole world is our temple; it is our sacred space, our own big body.
We also create a temple out of the physical location where we practice our holy work. It is a safe environment where beauty is celebrated, where our raw, vulnerable and naked hearts feel safe to be. Where we come together to nourish each other. At times we welcome men into our temple to share our gifts with them.
Imagine a world where women don’t compete with each other, but walk side by side.
Imagine a world where light, joy and the ecstasy of another woman do not make others shrink, but, on the contrary, empower everyone to shine.
Imagine a world where we can really see one another and know that we are in it together.
Imagine a world where you know that no one is gossiping behind your back, but, on the contrary, open clear communication and listening is a norm.
Imagine a world where you know that you are held. And on the days when you don’t feel like shining you know that there is another sister walking on this earth and doing the shining for all of us.
In this world we let go of a goal-oriented approach towards individual enlightenment.
In this world we choose to rise together as humankind.
This is the world I’ve always longed for.
And this is the world we are creating together.
And so… I have created a school dedicated to helping women remember what it means to walk this privileged path, what it means to commit to showing up for love, as love. It is called the Priestess School.
And even though I say that I created it, this school is something beyond what I could have created. It is something that was created using me as a vessel to manifest it in this world. Each training has gone beyond any expectations. I am in awe of the women who show up, and how they show up. I feel I can learn from each of them. When they speak about their commitments in life it feels like the Earth trembles and sighs with relief.
It is already powerful to come together and stand side by side with our sisters, letting the fire of commitment to this path burn through all the self-imposed images and games we unconsciously play in this world.
We also perform very powerful practices and rituals, we go on inner journeys, we dive deep, and re-emerge into the world, re-charged, purified, filled up, expanded, softened, radiant and more loving.
Take this chance – if this journey is calling you, there might be no better time to join. Fill in application today.

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