January 12, 2021

Surrender is the only way to find ourselves. But in order to surrender you must be willing to love.⁣
This is all it takes. We can let love be our teacher, our guide. We can choose love as our path. And this is what we are surrendering to. In surrender, we are always surrendering to love. And love… is but another name for God.⁣

This path is not for everyone, though. Only the courageous ones can walk it. It is not always going to be a pleasant ride. Sometimes you will be pretty devastated. Sometimes your own mind will send you terrible demons. Sometimes you will want to close off and disconnect from all feelings.⁣

And then, you will remember… millennia of disconnect. Millennia of a world ruled by the mind.⁣

And you will see that you don’t know what is right and what is wrong. But you have felt your heart. You have felt love… even if only a tiny little bit. And from this point… there is no longer any other option.⁣

It is a one-way road.⁣

It is really the most glorious path. The path of love.⁣

Most people are stuck in blame, in expectations, in projections, in a sense of entitlement.⁣

And in fact, we all need to go through a phase of claiming our individuality. There comes a time when the wild one wakes up within and says: “No-one can ever tell me what to do!” It is a time of claiming our space, of rebelling against patriarchy in all its different manifestations.⁣

And yet… At some point, we realize that we have to drop deeper than that. We realize that love is what we all are really longing for.⁣

Photo by @libkos

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