December 4, 2018

Do you feel safe with and connected to the women around you?
For a long time, I couldn’t trust women.
I was a little scared of them. They felt so unpredictable, unreliable, unsafe…
Then, about ten years ago I gathered my first women’s circle. Women of different ages, different backgrounds, different cultures came together and sat in a circle, side by side.
We shared what was in our hearts, meditated, did practices to connect with ourselves and one another.
We all felt so safe together.
I was touched by everyone’s receptivity, openness and sensitivity.
The mistrust started to leave me. In a matter of a few more sessions, I saw how deeply this was linked to the mistrust I had in my mother. Gradually I regained trust in my own feminine – which was what in reality I didn’t trust.
I accepted that yes, the feminine is unpredictable. Yet, she is not unsafe.
In her pure nature she is wild, untameable, raw, free.
Just like a forest.
Just like an ocean.
Just like a waterfall.
Since then I have learnt to trust in the unknown, and the feminine is the greatest teacher for that.
I adore the fire and the power of mixed gender groups.
Yet, when we come together only with other women, in sisterhood (which I place so much emphasis on) a very special magic happens: the feminine finally starts to feel safe.
The feminine relaxes and lets go of her fear of not measuring up, her worry about whether she is beautiful enough. She lets go of comparing. She lets go of wanting to be better.
Having nourished ourselves in this way, we then carry the safety with us into the world, where we meet men too.
The sisters’ circle is timeless. It’s always available, we can always call ourselves back to it. And the friendships that people cultivate last for lifetimes.

The Priestess School offers an incredible path for women. The connections that are made amongst women on this path is something that is beyond my dreams.

Photo by @iamjodielouise taken in Module 3 of Priestess School in Spain.

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