September 16, 2020

After starting their journey with the Priestess School, many women have shared that they’ve made big changes in how they treat their bodies. ⁣

No wonder: every woman gains deep realisations about what true femininity feels like TO HER, what actually makes her attractive, and beyond all – who she really is underneath societal conditioning and outlived beliefs.⁣

Here are some examples of the changes that many women of the Priestess School applied in their lives:⁣

✔️ Getting off the birth control pill – beyond multiple side effects and very possible inability to actually choose the correct partner while on it, this stuff is deeply damaging.⁣

✔️ Removing IUD (the spiral) – women report that when they started to actually feel their womb it didn’t feel right to have this piece of metal inside + they discover an alternative healthy form of contraception.⁣

✔️Removing breast implants – some women report that they’ve had health complications caused by implants, others say that having implants “no longer feels like me”, others fall in love with their natural breasts and discover that small breasts are very beautiful and are naturally highly orgasmic.⁣

✔️Stopping waxing – many said that once their skin awakened to deeper sensitivity, waxing became very painful and after waxing the skin felt numb for days.⁣

✔️Reducing the amount of make up used – when women meet their true beauty face to face… they no longer want to hide it underneath the mask of make up.⁣

✔️Stopping using nail polish – when sensitivity of the whole body is restored women start to feel that their nails want to breathe and are suffocating underneath the polish.⁣

✔️Stopping to wear bra and often even underwear – because the boobs like to move and the Yoni loves to breathe.⁣

These are just a few examples.⁣

Now, you may find a relief in reading this.

Or you may be upset about it because it doesn’t match what you think.⁣ Either reaction is fine.

If it brings up strong feelings in you – try to feel what is underneath those feelings?⁣

Ready for some big shifts in your life? We may have a spot open for you. Reach out.⁣

Photo by @Coryphoto⁣

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