April 23, 2020

In short:

Because you put up with what you don’t want.

Why do you do this?

Because you are infected, sis.

You’ve fallen victim to a global pandemic. A REALLY dangerous one.

It is called: disconnection from who you are.

Low self worth is the result of that.

Not having the courage to express what you want, or even to admit it to yourself is the result of that.

Outcome: You put up with getting less than what you want because you think you don’t deserve any better.

When in fact two things are true:

  1. Men really want to see you happy, and if they have a clear idea of how to make that happen – they are often quite happy to provide that.
  2. Sometimes they won’t be able to provide it. And that’s ok too. Because you’ve got yourself.

I want you to be brave, girl.

I want you to know yourself so deeply and be anchored in yourself so firmly that you know YOU WON’T FALL APART without a man.

You need to find the core within (your inner man).

You need to understand your worth.

This worth is not about how much you look like a chick on a magazine cover… but how deep you’ve gone into your own heart.

You need to go deep into your heart – there is no way around it.

As long as you keep refusing to learn your own heart you will keep attracting men who can’t give you what you want.

When you understand your heart, you take care of it. And you know that it is part of your Service to do so.

Because when you heart feels honoured all it wants is to love. When your heart is honoured it blossoms and heals not only you and your partner, but all of us.

(I can only speak like this because I’ve hurt myself so badly by not listening to myself, by compromising on what I really wanted, by trying to make a dysfunctional relationship work, by fixating on the idea that one particular man was my Man, when everything was screaming against it… I kept hoping that things would change and didn’t see the actual man in front of me…)
And here’s what I know:

You are not meant to prove how lovable you are to anyone, but you need to know it in your very core.

You deserve to be cherished and chosen totally.

But first you have to cherish and CHOOSE yourself.

I’ve released my Masterclass: Activated Woman, in which I am speaking about
how to release the full power of your magnetic feminine force to get everything you want in life… (including a relationship).

It’s free.

Photo by @iamjodielouise

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