April 14, 2021

During Sundari Mystery Immersions I share wisdom and revelations, you are immersed into the fiery field of practice, you are held in so much love…
but most importantly you are offered access to the Temple.

The Temple is not just a physical location, that through intention and precision in alignment with the Divine architecture provides a safe and sacred space where all parts of us are welcome.

The Temple is a Space, that is both dimensional and non-dimensional.
It is a Space of the fire of Truth. It is a Space of clear vision. It is a Space of purity.

The Temple is where the evolution is accelerated. Where we have access to the ancient knowledge and the latest technology of healing work. It is a Space where we receive direct downloads and our entire systems gets upgraded to the next level accessible to your Soul.

The Temple is the place where the mind, body and heart come into alignment with the Soul.

The Temple is where the Soul feels at home.

I’d love to welcome you there.

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