September 17, 2020

Body image has always been, is and will always be a charged subject for everyone, especially for women. ⠀

We all have received an extensive brainwash via media and societal conditioning about what is a beautiful body. So everyone is trying to match that *imaginary* ideal and when we think we don’t measure up, we feel terrible on the inside, we feel embarrassed, we feel ashamed.⠀

Because of this, eventually, we create more and more disconnect from what we actually feel in our bodies.⠀

The only way to get over the disconnect, the trying to measure up and the shame is… love. ⠀

We have to develop a deep acceptance and – eventually – love for EVERYTHING that makes us human, including the body. ⠀

It works like magic: the more you love your body, the more beautiful it becomes. I know this, because it it exactly what happened to me. ⠀

You may look at me and think that I’ve never had any insecurities about my body. This is far from truth! I used to feel insecure about almost everything someone can be insecure about.⠀

But here is what we all need to remember.⠀

This body is a product of millennia of evolution. It is an amazing gift we were given once we incarnated into this human form. We have to treat it as such.⠀

This body is wise. Much wiser than the mind.⠀

If only we dare to listen, the body gives answers to all our questions.⠀

The body is intuitive.⠀

The body is always present and it anchors us in the now. ⠀

The body is erotic. The body is wild. ⠀
The body is intrinsically sacred.⠀

The body is here to be celebrated, honoured, loved. ⠀
The body wants to be looked at with loving eyes and touched with loving hands, our own and our loved ones.⠀

The body wants to express the energy that flows through it all times.⠀

The body wants to open up into the light of the sun.⠀

The body wants to soften up to the silence of our being. ⠀

The body wants to be.⠀

Photo by @deanraphael

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