June 18, 2019

It’s very common in “conscious communities” that people say that things are “coming through” them, implying that there is a certain channeling that’s taking place.
Oh, how mystical!
Usually this talk is nothing but unprofessionalism and fear of taking on responsibility.
Obviously, if you are intelligent enough you recognise that you do not know exactly in detail what is going to happen in your session or whatever it is you are offering, because you cannot control life, ever.

However, exercising your brain to give a structure to the flow, just like river banks do, is something that immediately creates a sense of deeper relaxation and safety for whoever is your recipient, be it in a conversation or in a workshop or speech.
Let’s up level, people, and learn to speak in a way that the message can actually reach the recipient. As I heard Eric Edmeades say during the recent A-fest: “there is no such thing as ADD or poor attention span or bad audience, there are boring teachers!”
Photo by Jodie DS

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