April 15, 2020

We are in global pain, as humanity.⠀

This pain is not new, but finally everyone is becoming aware of it.⠀

Pain in itself is not bad. Pain doesn’t equal suffering.⠀

Pain is an invitation to focus on what needs to be done.⠀

Childbirth is accompanied by a lot of pain, and there is a lot of wisdom in that pain. It makes the mother focus acutely on just one thing that matters: bringing life.⠀

In the same way we all are mothers during birth now. The only difference is that we are not birthing others. We are birthing ourselves.⠀

So please avoid fixating on what others are doing and how they are misbehaving. Focus on yourself and your role in causing this pain. And your role in healing this pain.⠀

Ask yourself: What really matters?⠀

We are seeing some positive outcomes of this global disaster: dolphins are appearing in the canals of Venice, hospitals are closing for the lack of need in some places, people are spending more time with their loved ones, new medicine is being developed, people are getting cured daily.⠀

However the real issue is not going to be solved this easily. Because the real issue is very deep. Way deeper than corona virus. Way deeper than global fires. And the pain will remain until we face it fully.⠀

The real issue is that we forgot who we are. ⠀

Now it’s time to remember.⠀

My work is dedicated to that and my whole life is in service to that. ⠀
There are multiple doors that facilitate the remembering, at times through recollection of lost pieces, at times – through a huge blast of Grace.⠀

What seems like mastering your sexuality, unleashing orgasmicness, clearing the mind and energy, stepping into leadership…. is in fact a return to what you are.⠀

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