July 9, 2019

A man’s confidence is strongly linked to his relationship with his cock.
The thing is, we cannot authentically engage with the world and people around us unless we are in absolute acceptance and love of our own selves.
And guess what is a very important part of us that deserves our love?
Our body, yes. Because this is the part of ourselves that we see and deal with every single day.
Our genitals is where our body begins. Our genitals is what determines our human essence. Our sexual essence.
Most men don’t really have a love for their cock, they are rather just using it.
Your genitals need to be loved and acknowledged for what they are.
To me cock is beautiful not only because I love the visual aspect of it, the sensation that it gives me when I touch it or when it’s inside of me, but also because to me the cock is the direct link to the consciousness, the essence of the masculine.
In tantra instead of the word “cock” we sometimes use the sanscrit word “lingam”, and it literally means “pillar of light”.
That’s what your cock is, dear brother!
Treat it as such. Learn to listen to it, learn to honour it.
It is not about the size or how exactly it looks. It is rather about whether you dare to OCCUPY your cock. Whether you dare to OWN it.
The way you are behaving sexually is exactly how you are behaving in Life.
Here are a few questions that you might reflect on:
Are you capable of claiming Life and throwing her on the bed?
Are you showing up in Life in your fullness or only half way?
Are you allowing yourself to be soft, in bed and in Life, and when that happens are you still respecting yourself?
Do you tend to get carried away into performance/agenda and forget to listen to yourself and to Life?…

Art by @tinamariaelena

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